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»do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law«

Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley, nach einem alten Foto

Aleister Crowley Lyrics

Hier gibt es drei Crowley-Gedichte als Text (en., nicht überetzt) zum lesen sowie als Sprachaufnahme und vertont als ».mp3« zum anhören. Es handelt sich jeweils um freie Privataufnahmen ohne Rechte Dritter.




In the Years of the Primal Course, in the dawn of terrestial birth,

Man mastered the mammoth and horse, and man was the Lord of the Earth.


He made him a hollow skin from the heart of a holy tree.

He compassed the earth therein, and Man was the Lord of the Sea.


He controlled the vigor of steam, he harnessed the lightning for hiere;

he drove the celestial team; and Man was the Lord of the Fire.


Deep-mouthed from the thrones deep-seated, the choirs of the aeons declare

the last of the demons defeated, for Man is the Lord of the Air.


Arise, O Man in thy strenght! The kingdom is thine to inherit,

till the high gods witness at lenghth that Man is the Lord of his Spirit.







O Lord, deliver me from hell's great fear and gloom!

Loose thou my spirit from the larvae of the tomb!

I seek them in their dread abodes without affright:

On them will I impose my will, the law of light.


I bid the night conceive the glittering hemisphere.

Arise, O sun, arise! O moon shine white and clear!

I seek them in their dread abodes without affright:

On them will I impose my will, the law of light.


Their faces and their shapes are terrible and strange.

These devils by my night to angels I will change.

These nameless horrors I adress without affright:

On them will I impose my will, the law of light.


These are the phantoms pale of mine astonished view,

Yet none but I their blasted beauty can renew;

For to the abyss of hell I plunge without affright:

On them will I impose my will, the law of light.







There are seven keys to the great gate,

being eight in one, and one in eight.


First, let hte body of thee be still,

bound by the cerements of will.

Corpse rigid, thus thy makes abort,

the fidget babes, that tease the thought.


Next, let the breath rhythm be low,

easy, regular and slow,

so that thy being be in tune

with the great sea's pacific swoon.


Third, let thy life be pure and calm,

swayed softly as the windless palm.


forth, let the word to live be bound,

or the one love of the profound.


Fifth, let the thought divenely depre

from sense ovserve its entiety.

Watch every thought that springs,

enhance hour after hour thy vigilance.


Intense and keen,

turned inward

miss, no atom of analysis.


Sixth, on one thought securely pinned,

still every whisper of the wind.

So, like a flame,

straight an unstirred,

burn up thy being in one word.


Next, still that extasy,

Prolong thy meditation steep and strong,

slaying even god, should he distract,

thy attention from the chosen act.


Last, all these things in one, o'erpowered,

time, that the midnight blossom flowered,

the one this is,

jet even in this, my son,

thou should not go amiss.


If thou should restrain the expression, shoot

thy glance to rapture startling root.


Discarding name, form, sight, and stress,

even of this high conciousness.


Pierce to the heart, I leave thee here,

thou art the master I revere,

a radiance, that rose afar,

Oh Brother of the Silver Star.





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